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Custom made large print calendars
with your logo and name
13 Months - January 2016 to January 2017
makes the perfect present to give in November!

Welcome to Large Print Calendar where we design and make the Jumbo Large Print calendar for your organization.  Everybody loves our Jumbo Large Print calendars because they are custom made to show what you want on each day, month and the front and back cover.   

The Jumbo Large Print calendar measures 22" x 17" when it is hanging on the wall, or fold it in half and lay it flat on a table. We make our Large print calendar a 13-month calendar so you can enjoy January 2016 and use this until January 2017. 

Tell us what you want listed on each day and our staff will make it exactly like the way you want it to look. This handy calendar is ready for wall mounting and made of white heavy bond paper with bold black print and a plastic spiral to make it easy to change months. Days are in rectangles with room for writing and each month has an area for notes and appointments.   

You can buy our standard calendar which comes with National holidays greyed out.  Each month lists other holidays, special events, including season change, full moon and much more.  Click on List of events to see all holidays and special events.  List of Events   We will customize a large print calendar and put what you want on each day, month and the cover. 

Let us customize a Large Print Calendar for you

Large Print Calendar - $9.95

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The first Large Print calendar was made for persons with low vision that needed a BIG CALENDAR, but later it was discovered that everybody wanted one to use because they are so useful.   

The Jumbo Large Print calendar was founded by Patrick J. Fischer who has been helping the blind and visually impaired for over 25 years.  Patrick markets these Jumbo Large Print calendars under several different names and makes them for churches, VA – Veterans Administration, Light Houses for the Blind, school districts, not for profits, senior living homes, NASCAR fans, College sport fans, and many more groups, as well as they sell individually on 
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We have made our Large Print calendars for the following industries:
Office of Aging
Stay at Home companies
VA - Veterans Administration
Low Vision support Groups
Agencies for the Blind

If you want your your name on the cover and additional information on every month, please contact us because we will create a calendar for you. We also offer discounts for 50 or more calendars. Please ask for details...

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